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This privacy policy describes how (the website) collects, uses, processes and protects your personal information when you visit or make purchases on the site. Therefore, we ask you to read in detail the information indicated in the document, since by using it will be understood that you are expressly stating that you accept, freely and informed, in its entirety the Privacy Notice, the practices that are described in it and the forms of treatment of your personal data. If you do not agree, you must stop using and exit the website.

Collection of personal data

When you use our website we collect information about your device, interaction with the site and information necessary to process your purchases. In some cases, we may also collect additional information if you contact us for customer service. Therefore, for this privacy policy, we can define “Personal Information” as anything that can uniquely identify an individual.

Here is a list of the personal information we collect and why, without this list being understood as limiting:

Device Information

  • The information collected are: IP address, time zone, cookies, search terms and browser version.
  • Purpose: to offer you useful pages for you and to carry out analysis about the use of the site.
  • Source: automatically collected when you access our website using cookies, log files, tags, or pixels.
  • Disclosure for commercial purposes: it is shared with our hosting provider Dream Host

Order information

  • The information collected are: Name, billing address, shipping address, payment information (including card numbers), email address and phone number.
  • Purpose: to offer you products to fulfill our contract, process your payment information, manage shipping and order confirmations, communicate with you, examine orders to prevent risk or fraud, provide you with information or advertising related to us
  • Source: compiled by you.
  • Disclosure for commercial purposes: it is shared with our hosting provider Dream Host.

Customer support information

  • The information collected are: Name and email.
  • Purpose: to help you resolve any questions, problems or misunderstandings you have with our products or shipping.
  • Source: compiled by you.


The website does not knowingly collect information from people under 18 years of age, so if you are the parent or guardian and believe that your child has provided us with personal information, please contact us using the contact details found in the contact section of this document in order to request their elimination.

Data quality

By making use of the Gorilla Glass website, the user makes available and declares, under protest of the truth, that all the data provided will be accurate, true, current, adequate, pertinent and their own, unless they have legal powers, current and sufficient representation to use the identity of another person and provide their personal data and / or sensitive personal data.

Hence, regardless of the penalties legally incurred for the transmission of personal or sensitive information, the user will, at all times, assume responsibility for any damage, direct and / or indirect, that with the communication of said data causes to third parties or Gorilla Glass and will respond to them for the use of inaccurate, false, erroneous, current or not, inappropriate, irrelevant information or that correspond to another person who has not provided their consent to do so.

Share personal information

Gorilla Glass does not sell the information that is collected or provided to us, however, sometimes it will be necessary to share it with third parties that act as affiliated companies, subsidiaries, collaborators, third party payment processors, third party service providers or any other that is related legally or commercially to us. This exchange of information will be solely for the purpose of meeting our service objectives and under the considerations contained in this privacy notice or, to comply with applicable laws and regulations, to respond to a subpoena, search warrant or other requested legal information we receive or to protect our rights.

Gorilla Glass is only responsible and guarantees the security, confidentiality, privacy, treatment and use of your information, with respect to the data that you provide directly through our website, not the subsequent treatments or uses of personal data that could be carried out by third parties who came to have access or obtained them due to the transmission of the information described above.

The aforementioned third parties who may have access to the information described may be, by way of example but not limited to them, those who provide data transmission services through a network or access it, those who host or store data, information or elements, and those who are in charge of providing the content that has been provided to them.

Similarly, Gorilla Glass is not responsible for the use or treatment of the information that the user voluntarily provides to third parties through hyperlinks on the page, or those that are provided through said hyperlinks directly on the third party’s website.

Prohibition of use of data to third parties

The user relieves Gorilla Glass of all responsibility regarding the misuse, alteration, reproduction, transmission, assignment, creation of databases, or any action that, without his consent, could be given to all those personal data that are reached voluntarily publish personally, by Gorilla Glass or third parties with their consent, through the website, however, it is strictly prohibited for any user to use, alter, extract, reproduce, transmit, assign, create databases or perform any other class of action concerning said personal information, unless express authorization in writing has been previously obtained from the owner of said information.

For the purposes of this section, it will be understood that personal data can be contained in the publication in different ways, these being in an enunciative way but not limiting, through graphic, numerical, alphabetic, alphanumeric, photographic or video content, acoustic, any other analogous or of any other kind, provided that it reveals or contains any element identifying the user.

The website is not a publicly accessible source of information, so all information made public through it may only be used for the purposes referred to in the terms and conditions of use of the website and this privacy notice is strictly prohibited for any user or third party to use said information in contravention of the aforementioned, as well as any use without the consent of the user who owns the information.

Changes to the privacy notice

In order to provide you with an excellent service, we continually make modifications, updates or improvements to the website, as well as to our privacy policies, ensuring that it will always be in search of providing better coverage, which is why Gorilla Glass reserves the right to modify them at any time, with or without prior notice.

We will try to give you notice when material changes are made; however, we recommend that you periodically review this privacy notice to stay informed of any changes.

It will be understood that you are fully informed and accept the changes made if after the modification of the privacy notice is made you continue using the website.

Rights over your information

You are the owner of your information, so Gorilla Glass fully understands that it is your right to access, rectify, cancel, limit its use or disclosure, oppose and revoke each and every one of your personal data, as well as your authorizations regarding the use or treatment.

If you wish to access or rectify your information, you must enter your user profile from the website (it is necessary to log in). The website will allow you to change your personal data such as name, telephone, shipping address, billing address, password, etc.

If you have any questions, you can contact Gorilla Glass with the information contained in the Contact section of this document. If you contact us by email, you must send it with the subject “Access and rectification of personal data” as well as the name of the owner, address and contact telephone number, in addition to attaching the documents that prove your identity or legal representation, make the clear and precise description of the data with respect to which you seek to exercise your rights and the elements or documents that you have that facilitate the location of said data, as well as the precision of what you want to do. The Gorilla Glass support team will contact you and provide solutions for your request.

In the event that you, as a user, do not agree with the collection, treatment or exchange of information of any of your personal data or in general of any section of the privacy notice, or, having been previously agreed, it is your wish to cancel, oppose or revoke your permissions, you must:

  1. Refrain from, as far as possible, providing your personal data.
  2. If they are essential for the use of the website, refrain from continue using it and leave it immediately.
  3. If they are essential for the use of the products that are made available to you, refrain from placing orders and / or requests for products.
  4. Contact Gorilla Glass, if it is by email, you must specify the subject as “opposition of personal data” and, in the body of the message, you must include the name of the owner of the data, address and contact telephone number. In addition to attaching the documents that prove your identity or legal representation, make a clear and precise description of the data with respect to which you seek to exercise your rights and the elements or documents that you have that facilitate the location of said data, as well as the precision of what you want to do, that is, if you want to limit the information you share or its transmission, cancel or revoke your consent, or with which section of the privacy notice you do not agree.
    We ask you to be as clear as possible in your email and to explain, if possible, your reasons for disagreement or those for which you do not want to share your information, the above in order to be in a position to provide you with the quality care you deserve.
  5. The Gorilla Glass support team will contact you and provide solutions for your request.


For more information about our privacy practices, if you have questions, or if you would like to make a complaint or request, please contact us via email to: