The purpose of this notice is to establish the cancellation, return policy and replacement of products for sale on the website.

By making and accepting a purchase through our website the operation is considered final and definitive, being the customer in conformity with the descriptions and technical details of the product. The customer ACCEPTS THE POLICIES described in this document to be applicable in the following cases: CANCELLATIONS AND RETURNS, PRODUCT REPLACEMENT.


Cancellation and Return:

In Gorilla Glass we are committed to the quality of our products. The customer is obliged to review the description and technical details of the product (measurements, colors, quantity, etc.) as well as the total cost of purchase. Once the payment has been made through our website it is NOT possible to cancel the order so Gorilla Glass reserves the right to make refunds.

General Provisions:

  • Insurance during shipment, taxes, theft, loss or any other aspect or procedure are at the customer’s expense and responsibility.

Product replacement by Gorrilla Glass:

  • GORILLA GLASS will automatically be responsible for products with manufacturing defects or due to internal omissions verifiable and attributable to our company.
  • GORILLA GLASS will be responsable for the replacement of the product within a period of two weeks.
  • GORILLA GLASS compromises to make a new delivery at the place specified by the customer in his original order, without incurring any cost.

Product replacement procedure:

  1. The customer must contact GORILLA GLASS customer service  from Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm at (831) 469-3665 or by e-mail at explaining the reason for the complaint and sending evidence (such as a photograph).
  2. GORILLA GLASS will send an email from confirming receipt of the request and informing the requirements to validate the replacement.
  3. GORILLA GLASS will send a return shipping guide to the client free of charge.
  4. The client must return the product after receiving authorization from GORILLA GLASS to the address indicated by the corresponding area.